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IGLS Genetic and immunology testing laboratory Alicante

Hello. I am Laura Medina, R&D Scientist in IGLS, and I would like to invite you all to our coming webinar, where we will discuss the most recent advances in the study of endometrial microbiota.

During this webinar we will talk about the importance of the endometrial microbiota for human reproduction, we will learn all about our MicroBioMap® test and we will see how the study of the endometrial microbiota can increase the success rates in assisted reproduction.

This webinar will take place on Thursday, 9th of February, at 7 pm CET.

We hope to see you all there.

Reproductive Immunology

Variations in the immune system have been associated with complications in pregnancy, and there is evidence of immunological factors in embryo implantation failure and miscarriages. IGLS counts on the most advanced tests to predict immunological alterations so as to guide specialists to find the right Immunomodulatory treatment for future gestating mothers that will increase the […]