El test ER Map® permite  identificar el momento  óptimo del endometrio  para transferir el embrión  exactamente cuando hay  más probabilidades de  embarazo


Experts in reproductive genetics and immunology testing and diagnostics 

All our efforts, resources and cutting-edge technology are aimed at offering reliable
solutions adapted to the needs of the assisted reproduction field, at clinics, hospitals and other healthcare institutions all over the world.

On a daily basis, our expert scientists put their extensive know-how at the service of research in our state of the art laboratory.

Our specialists in molecular genetics, biotechnology and immunology work hand in hand with medical professionals to find real solutions to a wide variety of fertility problems.

Our commitment is to bring all research breakthroughs into the clinical setting, in the form of high-quality diagnostic tests, with the aim to continuosly improve and extend our service scope while staying abreast of industry trends, thereby providing our esteemed customers and their patients with the best techniques and most reliable solutions available in the market.

About us

IGLS Genetic and immunology testing laboratory

With a strong bet on innovation, research & development, IGLS’ top-tier scientists and multidisciplinary teams, pool the best of their expertise and know-how to deliver best-in-class, precise and reliable solutions for assisted reproduction centres, hospitals and healthcare institutions across the world. 

Our mission

To contribute to build happy families by providing our B2B and B2C customers with innovative and advanced solutions for infertility diagnosis and treatments. 

Our vision

As a lab with own R&D and clinical departments, our aim is to provide Assisted Reproduction centres and professionals with unique testing and diagnostic services, thereby contributing to support our esteemed customers in their achievement of higher successful pregnancy rates.​ 

Our values

  • Customer and patient focus
  • Service quality and precision
  • Top-tier scientific team
  • State-of-the-art technology and systems
  • Continuous improvement
  • Strong bet on R&D

Cutting-edge technology
and science at the service
of reproductive medicine

Management, scientific and technical team

Our experts in genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology and immunology do work hand in hand with medical professionals to find suitable and reliable solutions to a wide range of fertility problems.  


Maddy P. Scheffer


Dr María Enciso, PhD

Scientific Director

Dr Jonás Sarasa, PhD

Director of Technology 

Professional Team – Our most valuable asset

Our mission is to set R&D into evidence-based clinical practice in the form of high-end, precise testing and diagnostic solutions.

Dr Tamara Mateu, PhD

Immunology Specialist

Dr Laura Medina, PhD

R&D Scientist

Inmaculada Jurado

Genetic Technologist

Mariola Fernández

Genetic Technologist

Marta Berruezo

Genetic Technologist

Cristina Botella

Genetic Technologist

Yanire De La Torre

Laboratory Technician Senior

Ana Isabel Marín

Laboratory Technician Junior

Judith Berlinches

Laboratory Technician Junior