Our projects
At IGLS we celebrate the academic and professional growth of our researchers, and for that reason, we continuously participate in different programmes and projects, in-house and/or public ones, to support research in the fields of genetics, immunology, microbiology, andrology, fertility and reproductive medicine in general.
Proyecto Desarrollo de nuevas herramientas basadas en Metagenómica y qPCR Microfluídica para el diagnóstico del Riesgo Ambiental y Sanitario en Aguas Regeneradas.
Project Development of new tools based on Metagenomics and Microfluidic qPCR for the diagnosis of Environmental and Health Risks in Regenerated Water.
Within the framework of the Strategic Projects in Cooperation 2021 Programme of the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI), the companies LABAQUA, iGLS, Aguas Municipalizadas de Alicante and the University of Alicante, have presented the project Development of new tools based on…
Nuevas aproximaciones para la determinación de la viabilidad embrionaria
New approaches for the determination of embryo viability.
IGLS, in its interest to offer innovative and effective solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of human infertility, is involved in the development of research projects that can be translated into clinical practice. Among the different projects…

Cutting-edge technology
and science at the service of
reproductive medicine.

Transformación digital de los servicios de diagnóstico y análisis clínicos y genéticos de Integrated Genetic Lab Services
Digital transformation of Integrated Genetic Lab Services clinical and genetic diagnostic and analytical services.
In order to transform the enterprise resource management of IGLS’ clinical and genetic analysis and diagnostic services from a manual to a digital and automated model, the Digital Transformation of IGLS project was proposed in 2019.
Vitrificación libre de crioprotectores permeables para la criopreservación de espermatozoides
Permeable cryoprotectant-free vitrification for sperm cryopreservation.


R&D is one of the fundamental pillars of IGLS, and for this reason our laboratory is in a constant process of research in the field of genetic diagnosis related to reproduction. Among the various research projects that we carry out, we…