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Cutting-edge technology and science at the service of reproductive medicine

About us

IGLS Genetic and immunology testing laboratory 

With a strong bet on innovation, research & development, IGLS top-tier scientists and multidisciplinary teams, pool the best of their expertise and know-how to deliver best-in-class, precise and reliable solutions for assisted reproduction centres, hospitals and healthcare institutions across the world. 

Our values

  • Customer and patient focus
  • Service quality and precision
  • Top-tier scientific team
  • State-of-the-art technology and systems
  • Continuous improvement
  • Strong be on R&D

Cutting-edge technology and science
at the service of reproductive medicine

Service scope

El test ER Map® permite identificar el momento óptimo del endometrio para transferir el embrión exactamente cuando hay más probabilidades de embarazo


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Test de inmunología reproductiva


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Scientific and Academic

Our expert team keeps abreast of industry trends. Open science strategies and academic publications support the research and development of any new techniques and processes in benefit of the permanent improvement and extension of our range of genetics and immunology services.



Scientific commercial literature

Science accessibility is essential for non-specialist audiences to understand the link between science, patient benefits and business. Our service catalogues and literature are meant for non-scientific healthcare professionals to take informed decisions.

Our commercial literature helps both, assisted reproduction professionals and patients to put science into context and understand how each of our solutions can benefit patients in their way to fertility.