El test ER Map® permite  identificar el momento  óptimo del endometrio  para transferir el embrión  exactamente cuando hay  más probabilidades de  embarazo


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We are in a process of expansion and growth, developing innovative research projects that make us world leaders in the sector.

This is possible thanks to a large team of scientific experts and renowned professionals who, supported by the cutting-edge technology employed, are constantly developing and generating pioneering diagnostic tests.

We offer new recruits the opportunity to develop professionally in an international environment, within a booming sector and with a clear and remarkable mission: to contribute to fulfilling the dreams of many families.

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IGLS – Genetic and immunology testing laboratory 

Our company, which is constantly innovating, uses all its cutting-edge technology, scientific advances, human resources and experience to research precise solutions adapted to the needs of assisted reproduction centres, specialists, hospitals and other healthcare institutions all over the world.

If you are passionate about the science and technologies of genetic and immunological diagnostics for reproductive medicine, and you want to become part of our family of experts,
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